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How to Remove the Odor From a Michael Kors Handbag

Michael michael kors handbags Kors, a luxury manufacturer of clothing, bags and shoes, was founded in Paris in 1854 as a maker of fine leather luggage . Today the firm is famous worldwide for its expensive goods that bear the famous "LV" monogram. Owning a Michael Kors bag guarantees that you possess a true example of fine leather goods. If an unpleasant smell is inside the bag, ridding yourself of the odor is easy.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingHow to Spot Fake Michael Kors HandbagsHow to Care for and Repair a Michael Kors HandbagThings You'll NeedGarbage canHand vacuumBaking sodaPlastic baggiesForkFebreeze or comparable sprayPaper towelsShow MoreInstructions 1Take all the items out of your Michael Kors bag. Take the bag outside or hold it over a garbage can and shake it out thoroughly. Turn on a small handheld vacuum and run it along the inside of the bag, scooping up dust and other items.2Fill six plastic baggies with baking soda. Knot them tightly. Stick a fork in each baggie, creating a series of large holes all over the bag. Place them inside the Michael Kors bag, evenly spaced away from each other. The holes in the bag will mean that some of the baking soda will seep out, but that's okay. Leave the plastic bags in there for a minimum of two days.3Remove the bags of baking soda after two days at the earliest. Turn the bag upside down over a garbage can and shake it out. Run your handheld vacuum cleaner across the inside of it again.4Spray the inside of the bag with Febreeze or a comparable odor-neutralizing product. Make sure your read the label of the product you choose to make sure it is safe for the material of your Michael Kors bag. Blot the lining with a thick layer of paper towels after each michael kors handbags sale spray.

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